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NuFilm P Spreader-Sticker( Use with GreenMatch EX) 1gal  
Spreader Stickers to Extend Pesticides Superior sticking/extending agent is designed to lengthen the life of foliar-applied insecticides and fungicides. Forms a sticky, elastic film which encapsulates and tenaciously holds the pesticide on the crop foliage in spite of rainfall, irrigation or wind. Also shields the residue from heat and ultra-violet light degradation. University research shows significant (up to 100%) increase in the duration of biological insecticides such as Bt's. Use at .5-1 pint/acre. When insecticide and fungicide spray applications are made within 30 days of harvest, switch from Nu-Film-17 to Nu-Film-P. Nu-Film-P is a superior sticking agent but does not have the long term extender properties of Nu-Film-17. Use at 4-6 oz/acre. Both products derived from pine.
Nu-Film P Organic Sticker Spreader Label

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Nutriject Fertilizer Tree Injection Capsules (12ml)  
New proprietary chemistry that allows significantly greater amounts of NPK to be administered WITHOUT fertilizer burn! This product provides a micronutrient component of Iron (0.17%), Zinc (0.17%), (0.18%), Copper (0.02%), Phosphate (4.45%), Nitrogen (2.22%), & Soluble Potash (1.40%). SOLUTION IS CONSTANT pH OF 6.6 FOR CONSTANT UPTAKE!  
Nutriject Fertilizer Label
Nutriject Fertilizer MSDS

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A food grade mineral oil that can be used year round to control powdery mildew, botrytis, aphids, whiteflies, mites and even virus transmission on grapes,fruit trees, ornamentals, vegetables and other plants.  This is the only oil that is 99% unsulphonated and is very safe and effective.  On grapes it actually strips mildew from leaves and fruit. Also controls blackspot and rust on roses. OMRI listed .  
Stylet Oil Organic Label
Stylet Oil Organic MSDS

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Phosgard ®
Plant Nutrients for Soil and Foliar Applications
PHOSGARD contains plant nutrients designed for foliar and/or soil application. The phosphorus contained in PHOSGARD is derived from phosphorous acid making it different from the traditional phosphorus fertilizers that are derived from phosphoric acid. The phosphorus in PHOSGARD can be taken into the plant leaves and is readily available to the plant, making it a valuable foliar application.
In natural plant environments phosphorus is the most often life limiting element, with the exception of nitrogen, due to its low availability to the plant. In soils with a low pH, phosphorus reacts with aluminum and iron to form low solubility iron phosphate and aluminum phosphate, which are relatively unavailable to the plant. In soils with a high pH, phosphorus reacts with calcium to form calcium phosphates, which are also unavailable to the plant. The phosphorus deficiency is overcome with the addition of phosphorus fertilizers, but the applied phosphorus is very rapidly changed to less-soluble compounds, which, with time, become less and less available to the plant. A foliar applied phosphorus fertilizer is not subject to the factors that affect soil applications. Phosphorus fertilizers that are derived from phosphoric acids are not absorbed by plant leaves. The phosphorus in PHOSGARD that has been derived from phosphorous acid has been shown to be absorbed by plant leaves.
  Benefits of PHOSGARD

 - Foliar applied phosphorus fertilizer - Increased fertilizer efficiency and effectiveness 

PHOSGARD is a nutritional supplement that can be applied to the soil and/or by foliar applications. It can also be applied through the irrigation water.

 Phosphorus in Plants

 - Essential in plant energy storage and transfer - Increased root growth - Early maturity in plants - Strength and quality of fruit, seeds, and flowers

Phosgard Phosphite Fertilizer (0-28-26)  
Phosgard Fertilizer Label
Phosgard Fertilizer MSDS

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Preem Organic Pre-Emergence Herbicide  
Preem™ Pre-Emergent Herbicide is a soy based preemergent that provides superior control of crabgrass and other grassy, broadleaf weeds, including annual sedges. Efficacy control lasts for 6-8 weeks, much longer than corn gluten and at about half the price.


Preem has no effect on turfgrass or turfgrass seeds. The treated area can be reseeded immediately providing your clients with a denser turf.


Minimum Risk Pesticides compliant with EPA 25b, approved by the National Organic Program with OMRI listing pending.


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Pyganic Organic Insect Control EC 1.4 II  


PyGanic Crop Protection Products contain pyrethrum, a botanical insecticide derived from chrysanthemums that was specifically developed for use in Certified Organic Production.

PyGanic Overview:

Provides rapid knockdown and kill of Insects which reduce the value of your organic production.

Listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) for use in organic production.

Approved for use on all growing crops, landscape and ornamental plants, in homes and other structures, in livestock premises and on livestock.

Non-persistent in the environment-may be applied on day of harvest (12 hour REI).

Pyganic Label
Pyganic MSDS

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Regalia SC 5gal  

Regalia® SC
Switches On a Plant’s Natural Defenses to Control Disease

What is Regalia?
Regalia® is a proven, economical new product that protects food and ornamental crops from both fungal and bacterial disease. When treated with Regalia, the plant’s immune system is triggered to defend against plant pathogens. This effective and unique mode of action makes it an excellent fungicide resistance management tool in your disease control program.

A Proven Effective Disease Control.
A new product from Marrone, Regalia is a patented formulation of an extract from the giant knotweed plant (Reynoutria sachalinensis). Regalia’s unique mode of action switches on the plant’s natural defense mechanisms to inhibit the development of major economic diseases, including bacterial spot, bacterial speck, target spot, powdery mildew, gray mold, late blight, and early blight.

Research shows after treating with Regalia, plants produce and accumulate elevated levels of specialized proteins and other compounds known to greatly inhibit fungal development. For example, Regalia will cause a plant to produce more than 5-times the normal level of phenolic compounds, which are known to fight pathogens that infect plants. Additionally, Regalia causes an increase in the production of phytoalexins, the ‘antibiotics’ produced by a plant under attack which act as toxins to the attacking organism.

An Excellent New Tool for Resistance Management.
The major objective of any resistance management program is to reduce the probability of resistance to a particular active ingredient. Incorporating Regalia into your existing fungicide program provides a novel mode of action to aid in the prevention of resistance.  With Regalia, you also have the ultimate in flexibility. Regalia can be used in rotation or as a tank mix partner with most commercially available fungicides.



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Reliant Agrifos Systemic Fungicide 1gal + 1quart Pentrabark  
SAVE YOUR TREES FROM SUDDEN OAK DEATH, BEECH DECLINE, PINE PITCH CANKER, APPLE SCAB and numerous other diseases like phytophthora and pythium.  Agrifos is a potent immune booster of trees and shrubs it fights disease from within the plant by stimulating the pathways within trees and shrubs.  Use on all trees and shrubs like oaks, pines, apple trees, beech , maples.....  Mix 1 part water with 1 part agrifos and then add 2 fl oz pentrabark and spray the bark of your trees with this mixture, no need to inject just do a basal bark application and walk away!  Repeat several times a year for best results. 

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Rootshield WP (Wettable Powder)  
Biological Fungicide for Nursery, Greenhouse and Vegetable Crops

Based on the highly-effective, patented, hybrid fungus Trichoderma harzianum, strain T-22, RootShield Granules and PlantShield HC (a wettable powder formulation), protects roots, stems and leaves from many pathogens. They block and actively attack pathogens by “eating” them; ensuring uninterrupted plant growth. RootShield Granules and PlantShield HC are preventative biofungicides and should be applied to “clean” plants. Diseased plants should be treated with a curative fungicide first, since the aggressively growing active ingredient (strain T-22) only grows on the outside and does not enter the plant tissue. RootShield Granules and PlantShield HC are compatible with fertilizers, algaecides, insecticides, disinfectants, miticides, herbicides, growth regulators, and nearly all fungicides.

Root Protection:

  • Grows on the roots “shielding” them against root damaging fungi
  • Releases enzymes that dissolve the cell wall of many fungal pathogens
  • Promotes a healthier root system
  • 0-hour REI;  OMRI Listed;
  • VeriFlora® approved input materials
  • Reduces or eliminates chemical fungicide applications
  • Grows between pH 4-8; at soil temperatures between 48 – 97 F
  • Costs less than 2¢ per 6-inch pot for a root protection program.

Two Formulations:
RootShield Granules – Incorporated into your growing medium, it grows on the plant’s root system and is compatible in all bark, coir, peat based and soil-less mixes and will protect plugs, cuttings, liners and all container plants.

PlantShield HC – This wettable powder can be drenched into the soil for root rot protection or applied as foliar spray to prevent Botrytis and mildews on ornamentals.

RootShield in action:  This magnified photo shows RootShield (thinner top strand) coiled around and attacking the pathogen Rhizoctonia (lower strand).

RootShield strand has been removed to reveal the damage -- holes eaten into the cell wall of the Rhizoctonia.

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